In 1991 Ranger Bruce started Sequoia Ministry. 


Ranger Bruce teaches over 21 classes and you can join in on one or several of these.


Visit California's State Capital

This building was started in 1860 and you can take a deluxe tour with Ranger Bruce. In 2012-3 groups of students came from Spain to take this tour with me. I showed 53 students each tour how a bill becomes law and they loved the Senate and Assembly chambers. Come join me on a tour or set one up for your group.


My Nature programs will take your students on an outdoor adventure, where they will have a hands on experience. We look for animals, study trees, or learn about Butterflies. Students may also enjoy my astronomy classes. We look at the Sun (with filters) and the Moon and planets at night. Sign up now!  916-725-3630


Your financial help this time of year would be especially appreciated. We are experiencing a slow season and our financial needs are still the same regardless. So please prayerfully consider helping Ranger Bruce and family. Just send me your email address at and I will send you a request for funds using Paypal. You choose what amount you want. It's easy! Thank you very much. The Larson Family

Each spring the Pipevine Butterfly is all over Bannister Park. They are lots of fun to see.

Come with Ranger Bruce and visit the Capital. Learn all about the government and how it works.

My Pony Express class is a journey back in time to the 1860's. Come join Ranger Bruce and see how three Christian men made it work. Did you know every rider was given a Bible as he joined up?

Come along with Ranger Bruce and experience Sutter's Fort. Go back with him to the 1840's in California and a time when God's hand was upon them.

The Peregrine Falcon is the world's fastest creature. Ranger Bruce has 21 different adventures. Sign up for some now! 

The Earth Before the Flood DVD              by Ranger Bruce

               Price - $12.00

                    Ranger Bruce's Brochure

           email me if you want one. 

The Evolution Cruncher is one of the best books I have found. It has over 900 pages of great information. Evolution is a lie. It's the greatest fish story ever told. Price - $10.00